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About Bodhicitta Dakini Monastery

Welcome to the Bodhicitta Dakini Monastery (Kalyanamitra Fund) online, we are a monastery for Western monastics in the Tibetan Buddhist/Mahayana Forest tradition. We are also a socially engaged Centre of contemplation that is slowly forming with the aim of providing training, shelter, emotional and spiritual support to Western nuns, monks and the lay community based around the traditional model of the four fold Sangha of nuns, monks lay women and lay men (and non binary people) founded by the Buddha.
Our monastery is 38 beautiful acres in Unesco world heritage forest in the Western Tiers, Northern Tasmania (an island on the very Southern tip of Australia). We emphasise gender equality and nun driven leadership, because currently women are left out of most positions of power in Tibetan Buddhism and have historically received less support and education.

We invite you to be a part of this exciting project to offer teachings and establish the Dharma in the West to create a more compassionate, peaceful and sane world.
Our aim is to create a monastery and retreat Centre where non Himalayan monastics in the Tibetan tradition, who currently have to pay money to pay in lay Centres can live in the Vinaya and have an 85% disrobing rate due to lack of support, can do deep practice and study as well as social service and gain the insights necessary to preserve the vast and profound Teachings of non sectarian Tibetan/Theravada fusion Buddhism which we call the Mahayana Forest Tradition.

We draw inspiration and influences from other traditions such as the Thai Forest tradition (such as using alms bowls, doing the Kathina cloth, alms round, tudong pilgrimage, living in simplicity in nature with a monastic routine), as well as the Plum Village Thich Nhat Hanh tradition, (beginning anew, non violent communication, communal harmony, mindful eating and living).
People are most welcome to visit us, attend our online classes (on Bodhicitta Foundation Youtube channel), to offer a meal or ask for a ceremony or apply for ordination or retreat time (please see our criteria).


The Great Challenge of Climate Crisis

To be compassionate and alive at this time is a great challenge. To be spiritual is to see we are all part of a web of inter-connectedness. Happiness is not just a personal matter. We need to act now to save the world.

Life in Red - A Journey from Sydney Suburbs to Nagpur Slums

Ayya Yeshe, an Australian Buddhist nun, working in slums of Nagpur, India, with Dalits (ex untouchables), speaks about her work and life. In this process, she also unveils many unspoken issues within Tibetan Buddhist structure.

Buddhism and the Challenge for Women & Western Monastics

Ayya Yeshe is a Buddhist nun, teacher and Director of a Socially engaged Buddhist charity Bodhicitta Foundation. She talks frankly about the inequalities and lack of support we need to overcome in order for Tibetan Buddhism to thrive in the West

Chod - Buddhist Chants in Praise of the Sacred Feminine

From the album, ‘Dakini- Buddhist Chants in Praise of the Sacred Feminine’, by world-renowned duo IndiaJiva and Ayya Yeshe, CHOD is a practice that cuts off ignorance and egotism. A praise invoking the female Saint of Tibetan Buddhism, Machig Labdron, one of the founders of Chod. Album is now available for purchase, go to Available on iTunes

The Buddhist Art of Living a Meaningful and Happy Life

Ayya Yeshe Talks on her life, the beauty and challenges in the spiritual for Western Buddhist women.




our goals

Bodhicitta Dakini Monastery

place of refuge

There are very few places in the world dedicated to the the cultivation of peace and mental clarity and compassion.

Social Engagement

Ayya Yeshe is active teaching in India and running a charity there for people from the ‘ex untouchable’ Indian Buddhist community.

Sangha facilitY

There are only an estimated 3 Buddhist monasteries in the world where Western Tibetan Buddhist monastics are not charged.

The greatest legacy

The Future of

Bodhicitta Dakini Monastery

is in your Hands

Donate to buy land

Help be a part of the growth of Dharma in Australia and creating this amazing space of community, monasticism, peace, meditation and sustainability.

Donate to buy land

Help be a part of the growth of Dharma in Australia and creating this amazing space of community, monasticism, peace, meditation and sustainability.

Get Involved

Join our work to set up a monastery – people with building skills, gardening, to offer food, attend retreats or more!

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