Our Vision

Our aim is to share the Buddhist teachings, way of life and tradition of contemplative life that the Buddha himself lived. We believe that deep contemplation and the Vinaya (monastic rules) and monastic way of life are an important element in planting the Dharma deeply in the West and monastics are part of the four-fold Sangha (lay women, men, nuns and monks) that the Buddha said was essential to establishing a lasting legacy for Buddhism to take hold in any country.

Our Goals

We wish to create a place of refuge and peace where monastics can train and deepen their practice, study, live in vinaya and gain realisation. We also wish to offer retreat space and inspiration for lay practitioners and a place of rest and refuge for activists.

There is currently no even one monastery in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition (or tradition of Nalanda) that does not charge Western monastics to stay in Australia and there is only one monastery in the world where monastics do not pay headed by a Western nun. Western monastics have a 75% disrobing rate.

What would Our Monastery Look Like?

Initially we envision a property of perhaps 20 acres with a main building a few huts. If our donations and capacity grows we envision more environmentally friendly design buildings with a main hall, house, dormitory, private rooms and bathrooms, as well as retreat and meditation huts.